Our project started with a simple idea:

"Just add a platform lift to a horsebox , so that someone with mobility issues can easily mount a horse and thus ride again.... and it is designed so that people can come in and meet horses inside."

Yet it took over 2 years of searching for suitable horse-boxes and talking to specialist builders to come up with a viable design - and then raise enough money to build it. There were so many considerations, such as weight distribution across the axles, safe access to the horses and suitable layout options for all the facilities needed.


An essential addition was the pop-out side - When it is out, it creates a large area with the horses looking in, so people can come into the horsebox to meet the horses safely and privately. The living area is insulated and heated so it can be used most of the year. 

Warmth & dignity...

We always knew we needed to a loo, simple kitchen and hot water on tap....  The living area also meets the high bio-security and air flow standards learnt from Covid measures. These range from easily washable surfaces, large windows and cleaning systems. 

Happy horses...

It is built to Type 2 professional horse transporter standards, so that we will be able to travel up to 3 horses according to size.  Horse safety is a priority, so the first job was to put in a new aluminum floor. The partitions are full height so that the horses are safely enclosed when travelling. The ramp is solid, with a low step and loading gates. 

Horses can be taken to visit people in care homes and hospices without being unloaded... Imagine how special that visit would be if it were you.

Room outside  

When working with groups or families we needed a comfortable outdoor space, in case of showers or the heat of summer. We have added a large awning so that people can meet outside for a chat and a cuppa, staying comfortable while a friend interacts with the horses.

The Happiness Horsebox CIC is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in England and Wales under company number 12901225 at Pentland, GU5 9EW. It is based in South Oxfordshire and travels to events within c. 50 miles
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