Watch our video fly-through demonstrating the concept
Watch our video fly-through demonstrating the concept

The idea sounds so simple. 

Adding a platform lift to a horsebox so that someone with mobility challenges can use it to get easily onto a horse and ride.  We always knew we needed to add a loo, because when you are out in countryside, it is more than handy to have access to one... especially when you are living with a disability. 

But it took 2 years of searching for suitable horseboxes and talking to specialist builders to come up with a viable  design - and raise enough for it.  There are so many considerations about weight distribution across the axles.

And here it is !
And here it is - July 2021

The ultimate extra sounds like the pop-out side - but it's the only way to give the space for a wheelchair to turnaround inside. When it is open it creates a large are with the horses looking in, so people can come into the horsebox to meet the horses safely and privately. The living area is insulated and heated so that it can be used throughout the year. 

Now horses can be taken to visit people in hospitals, care homes and hospices without being unloaded.... Imagine how special that visit would be if you had been stuck inside for a few weeks.

By adding a side ramp we were able to make it possible for the horses to face towards the living area. 

Horse safety has always been essential, so the first priority was to put in a new aluminium floor. The partitions will be full height so that the horse is safely enclosed when travelling, and the ramp is solid, not too steep, with a low step and loading gates. The Horsebox is built to professional horse transporter standards, so that we will be able to travel a range of sizes of horses on visits and rides when we visit different regions. 

It is a mobile service after all! 

With social distancing becoming the norm we have added an awning so that people can meet for a chat and a cuppa outside. 

Inside, we will be making sure the living area can meet high bio-security and air flow standards. These range from easily washable surfaces, large windows and special equipment like fogging machines. 

Everyone who has seen it is simply amazed, come and see it when we are out and about soon!!

The Happiness Horsebox CIC is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in England and Wales under company number 12901225 at Pentland, GU5 9EW.
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